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Be prepared for a relatively high costs of living in Warsaw. Below we present some tips where to find cheap food, services and more.


The cheapest groceries can be made in hypermarkets, or Bierdonka and Lidl chain stores. The most expensive are small, local food stores. If we cannot find a product or specific type of a spice from our country of origin, it is advisable to look for it in one of the shops importing products and seasonings from all over the world.

Sample product prices:

•    Bread: 2-3 PLN
•    Water 1,5l: 1,70-3 PLN
•    Milk: 2,5 PLN
•    Hamburger: 5-10 PLN
•    Coca Cola 0,5l: 2,5-3 PLN
•    Coffee: 5-15 PLN
•    Cigarettes: 9-15 PLN

If you want to eat out try “milk bars”, very popular among students offering traditional Polish food for low prices. Poles frequently dine in booths serving kebabs and falafels – a meal in such place costs from 7 to 10 PLN.


Varsovians love to buy their clothing in second hand shops, where you may find brand new cloths, or barely used ones on bargain prices. Cheap clothes can be also found on the streets and bazzars. Moreover, do not forget about shopping centres and chain stores. Couple of times in a year you can buy clothes on sellouts for reasonable money.

Prices of various goods and services

•    Private visit in doctor’s office: 50 – 150 PLN
•    Foreign language course (one semester, classes twice a week): 1000-2000 PLN

TIP: foreigners, especially refugees may sometimes attend free (or cheap) polish language courses in Lingua Mundi Academy, Ocalenie Foundation, Foundation for Somalia.

•    Ladies hairdresser: 30-100 PLN
•    Barber: 20- 50 PLN
•    Photocopy: 0,20 – 0,30 PLN per page
•    Hotel room: 35 – 100 PLN

Mobile Phones

Prepaid card can be bought at kiosks or directly from mobile operators. Prices for prepaid cards start from 5 PLN. Topping-up your telephone for 50 PLN should be enough for about two weeks. If you decide on subscription, the cheapest one (without a phone) costs about 30-40 PLN per month. The most common mobile operators in Poland are: Orange, Play, Plus, T-Mobile.

When making calls abroad it is advisable to consider buing subscription on Skype and getting option of making calls from computer to phone. There is a couple of internet services providing international calls from mobile for good prices.

Internet Cafes

If you want to use a computer in the Internet Cafe be prepared to pay about 4-5 PLN for an hour. However, if you have your own computer or any other device with Wi-Fi, remember that most of the cafes and shopping malls have free unlimited access to the Internet. In the cafes you need to order something and ask a waiter for the password to the network.

Post Services

The most popular post service is Poczta Polska. A stamp for economic letter abroad costs 10 PLN, on the territory of Poland 3,70 PLN. Price for posting a package depends on its weight.

Culture and Entertainment

Tickets to the cinema, theatre are quite expensive as well as meeting friends around the city in general. Warsaw lacks of places which offer leasure for less than 10 zł. Prices for a cup of Latte in chain stores start from 9 PLN. A beer is cheaper as it prices vary between 7 and 10 PLN. When going out to a club be prepared to spend from 10 to 20 PLN. Culture and art enthusiasts will spend from 14 to 30 PLN for a ticket to the cinema and from 20 to 300 PLN for a ticket to a theatre. Detaild information concerning cultural offer of Warsaw.