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Warsaw for children

Warsaw is full of attractions for children. Jordan’s Gardens are very popular, you may find there a variety of merry-go-rounds, seesaws and swings, little ladders and much more attractions for younger and older children. The most frequently visited gardens are located on 6 Odyńca St, and 3 Wawelska St, but also very attractive playgrounds are located on Pole Mokotowskie and Ujazdowski Park. If we have more time we may take children to botanic garden in Powsin – discovering unusual species of plants will be a great adventure for the youngest for sure. Detailed information on opening hours and ticket prices available at:

The right bank of the Vistula is a great place to visit during summer. Beaches located near the National Stadium and Wał Miedzeszyński are equipped with sun beds, playgrounds, grills – anything you need to enjoy your leisure. Varsovians with their children enjoy also the Light and Sound show in the Multimedia Fountain Park. The event starts its season in May and ends in September, however for more information visit:

If during the summer we have limited time for our children, we can always use help of District Offices, which organize an event called Summer in the City (Lato w mieście). Hundreds of institutions engaged in this action will take care of our children, and entertain them through various sport activities like swimming or roller skating.

Sightseeing Warsaw

Sightseeing Warsaw mustn’t be boring. Try to find all Warsaw Mermaids ( the one on the Old Town is most famous, however it’s not the only one) or bas-relief animals (mostly on the buildings of the Old Town). Also think about climbing up 150 steps leading on the top of the bell tower of St. Anna’s Church where you may enjoy the best panorama of the area (prices and opening hours: Panorama of the Vistula may be seen from the terrace on Gnojna Mountain located on Brzozowa St. It is worth to mention, that in the medieval times the mountain served as huge garbage dump!

For more spectacular views visit the terrace on the XXX floor of the Palace of Culture and Science. More details may be found at:

One of the interesting points on the Warsaw map is the Keret House located on 22 Chłodna St. This art installment, created by an architect Jakub Szczęsny is dedicated to Israeli writer Etgar Keret, whose family has roots in Warsaw. The interior of this narrowest flat in the world (it measures 72 centimetes in its narrowest point and 122 centimeters in its widest point) may be visited during open days. More information at:

Those who live near Brudno district should see African shelter from Toguna village decorated with carvings, an imitation of Dogon People’s buildings, created by Paweł Althamer and located at the corner of Chodnicka and Kondratowicza Streets.

Walks with children may be exhausting, so it is good to prepare some alternatives. Most of children love the Old Twon Railway (Kolejka staromiejska). The route starts and ends on Castle Square. During 30 minutes ride around the New and Old Town’s streets the guide tells about interesting building, monuments and other attractions. On a request the guided tour may be available in foreign languages. During the summer the tram rides every day; out of the season – during weekends only. For more information call: 22 635 23 19 or 501 131 245.

Another interesting option is Warsaw-promotig tram trip which starts cruising from 30th of May to 29th of September, on weekends and holidays. The route that leads through the city starts and ends on Narutowicz Square. Members of the Association of public transport fans in Warsaw are the hosts during the trips, and provide all visitors with interesting stories about the city, in accompany of piano music and various competitions. ZTM tickets are respected. More information at:


There is nothing better than making a virtue of necessity. Why not to visit a museum or a science centre? The most popular among children is Copernicus Science Centre located at 20 Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie. Centre offers interactive exhibitions allowing visitors to conduct own small experiments. The greatest attraction is “Copernicus Sky”, a spheric screen, an invention of modern multimedia technology, surrounding auditory and giving an impression of being in cosmos, under the water in ocean’s depths or inside a volcano. One of the shows allows to go back in time to the very beginning of The Earth. Copernicus Science Centre is also a home to Elektrybałt – an electronic poet, who writes and declaims poems on request.
Museum of Evolution, governed by Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) is another very interesting place with reconstructions of dinosaurs’ skeletons dug up by Polish-Mongolese paleontologists on Gobi desert. Warsaw has also: Railway Museum, Archeology Museum and Chopin’s Museum where play children may get familiar with the composer and his music. Detailed information concerning tickets and opening hours may be found at; and

Winter fun

Summer is full of opportunities for great fun, however this does not mean that our children during the winter will get bored. Warsaw offers free, open air (if we bring our own skates) skating rinks in many districts: Bemowo, Wola, Bielany or Ursus. The most popular place for skating during the winter season 2013/2014 was the rink on the Old Town. Avid skiers should visit all year round ski slope Szczęsliwice, with maximum height of 74,9 m. Slope is located in Szczęśliwice Park in Ochota district.